What is Ambrotose

Dr. Bill McAnalley discusses the origins of Mannatech flagship technology – Ambrotose

How Do You Describe an Indescribable Product?

Revolutionary things are hard to describe. They have no points of comparison. No similarities. No equals.

That’s what makes them revolutionary.

 And that’s the struggle many have when trying to succinctly describe Ambrotose® products. Ambrotose works at such a foundational level in the human body—using technology and science that’s still ahead of its time—that it’s difficult to capture everything it does. With every customer story, it feels like we learn yet another way Ambrotose products help people feel healthy and vibrant. With every new scientific study, we seem to learn of a new benefit of the products.

In only 15 years, Ambrotose product have revolutionized our understanding of nutritional supplementation while also revolutionizing how people can live life well.

While we readily admit that Ambrotose products are truly indescribable products, we’re going to give it a shot anyway. It’s simply too revolutionary a technology and too mesmerizing a story to keep to ourselves.

The best place to start is with this video, featuring “the father of Ambrotose,” Dr. Bill McAnalley. His “Story of Discovery” details the research behind the products, the birth of glyconutrients (the key ingredients in Ambrotose products) and the discovery of the secrets of aloe vera.

You can also learn more about Ambrotose products through the links below, or speak to the Mannatech Associate who referred you to this site.