Ambrotose Complex Pre-clinical studies suggest that Ambrotose products exert immune system¹ and prebiotic effects, and support gastrointestinal health.* Prebiotic effects, assessed using a state-of-the-art simulation of the human GI tract (SHIME), indicate that Ambrotose products are bifidogenic and may enhance species belonging to Bacteroidetes, a phylum recently associated with body-weight management.²* In an eight-week, open-label [...]

Who is Mannatech?

What Distinguishes Mannatech? Mannatech has established itself as the premier provider of nutritional supplements. Based on the growing body of science that suggests the human body prefers natural or plant-based nutrients, Mannatech has developed the most scientifically advanced supplements for three of the biggest markets in wellness: weight management, foundational nutrition and integrative health. Living [...]



If aloe vera works such wonders on the outside of the human body, what might it do from the inside? Unleashing the Power Within It was a revelation so simple. If aloe vera could work such wonders on the outside of the human body (helping to heal cuts and burns), what might it do from [...]